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Zack Portman

Zack Portman - Artist

Zack Portman first found his love for art while pursuing a degree in Jewish Studies at the
American Jewish University. Redirecting his focus of study to sculpture, he transferred to Indiana University and graduated with a BA in Sculpture. After meeting his future wife at Pinemere camp in PA (like you do), he moved to Toronto to start their lives together. For the first eight years, Zack worked in a number of synagogues and Jewish institutions. During the last year, he began to gravitate back towards art via Judacia.
Missing the fulfillment of creating with his hands, he changed professions to monuments stone carver and has been getting dirty for the last three years. 
It wasn’t long after making this change that Zack began his own business, Portman Designs.
Driven by passion for functional Judaic art since May of 2018, PD (Portman Designs) has been crafting, creating, and beautifying mitzvot. In Judaism, there are many commandments and traditions that require the use of a ritual object(s). While possessing the required item(s) to fulfill a mitzvah is a necessity, bringing beauty and deeper meaning to the user through the object(s) is a mitzvah in itself.  
PD also specializes in collaborating with customers to create one-of-a-kind wooden gifts and commemorative art. PD utilizes multiple wood working techniques (i.e. construction and sculpture) and pyrography (wood-burning) for graphic artwork on most creations and custom pieces.  
Each collaboration is an opportunity to learn something new and create something meaningful. 
From mezuzot, wooden plaques and toy trains, to wall art, wooden jewelry and Shabbat candle sticks.
All projects, simple or challenging, are welcome!
Please take the time to fully explore and enjoy Portman Designs' website.
Artist's Note:
I would like to thank my entire family for all of their love and support in life and of my artistic passions.
A special thank you to my amazing wife, Carli, and my fantastic 4 year old son, Benji, for
making everything you see on this site possible and worth making.
It would all be empty and lacking purpose without you to share it with. Ya'll are my world. ZP

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